The Paramount Performance Pups or P3 are the country's premier Canine athletes! We've been performing Frisbee Dog shows all over the country for 20 plus years! We specialize in providing world class entertainment at sporting events, including NBA, WNBA, NFL, College Basketball, Major and Minor League Baseball, to name a few. 

Each performance showcases dogs doing what they love, run fast and jump high while catching Frisbees!! 
Our show puts a heavy emphasis on rescue dogs, as most of our dogs have been rescued or adopted from shelters or breed specific rescue organizations! We like to say, from rescue to rockstar!!
Our trainers perform alongside their personal pets. These aren't robots that do tricks for treats. Our pups do what they do because they love what they do!


Trainer Nikki Penta has been performing and competing with her dogs for 7 years. Earning a World Championship title in 2018 with her amazing Border Collie, Fury! Shes a dynamic performer and hit the halftime show circuit in 2018 by performing in over 20 professional halftime shows!

Trainer John Casey has been providing professional halftime shows for more than 20 years! Retired from competition in 2000, John took his talented pups on the road and has been a staple at many venues for a number of years. They've been at Xavier University in Cincinnati for 21 straight years! 13 years and counting at both Clemson University and The ACC Women's Basketball Championships.


Who We Are